Helping people even when you know they can’t help you back.

People in Cork, in your community are living and dealing with Mental Health issues.

For over 15-years now, Cork Mental Health have provided modest financial assistance to people suffering from mental health issues. Simple things like paying a bill or putting food on the table can lead to increased stress and anxiety.

We do not advertise the service and we don’t publicise it either.

Sometimes, a little help, can go a long way and this is where our Assistance Programme steps in.

The pandemic has literally wiped-out normal fundraising which would be used to fund the Assistance Programme.

So, this year, we have launched our Green Leaf Appeal, where we’re reaching out to companies based on Cork to seek your help (financial assistance) to ensure we can continue to provide a helping hand to people with mental health issues who just need a little help once in a while to make sure they don’t fall into debt, to add to their personal problems.  

Donate today to our Green Leaf Appeal.    We are asking companies for a donation of €500, if you can donate more, we’d be delighted and if you can’t quite afford €500, we’ll welcome whatever you can afford.