It's likely that you’ve heard about how fast fashion is impacting our world, everything from water pollution, environmental disruption, workers' rights, child labour, and the expectation for our society to continue the belief that “more is better”.  

If by now you are wondering, “what does sustainable shopping have to do with mental health?”, the process of manufacturing fast fashion clothing for huge brands is destroying people's mental health worldwide. People who are used for cheap labour are working in illegal conditions, which has a huge impact on one’s health, both mentally and physically.  

If you have been trying to reduce the amount of fast fashion you buy in an attempt to be more sustainable and ethical, good for you! We know that doing so is not easy, but we want to support you on your journey to becoming a more ethical consumer. 

So, without further ado, here are 5 easy tips that you can apply from today and start your journey of shopping sustainably for fashion (we promise, you will get hooked!) 


Tip #1: Upcycling your Clothes 

Are you crafty with a sewing machine? If so, have you considered different ways you can reinvent your clothes? Upcycling your clothes is all about giving them a new lease of life by turning them into something “new” all over again. For example, maybe your favourite pair of Levi’s ripped down one leg, no biggie! Grab some scissors and some thread, and now you’ve no some new funky Levi’s shorts! Check out these great upcycling clothes ideas for more inspiration.  

Tip #2: Buy from Charity Shops 

Do you find yourself strolling past charity shops in your local area without considering the potential that is inside? Well, think of this as a habit of the past because charity shops are key to shopping sustainably and still looking great, not to mention you will find gems for a fraction of the retail price. 

In 2018 we opened Aurora charity shop, which is now at the heart of our organisation and has become an important space for many. Not only do we sell a variety of second-hand clothes, but the money that we make goes towards helping the people of Cork who suffer from mental health difficulties. So, by shopping at a charity shop, you are doing your bit for the environment and helping a great cause!  

Also, remember that charity shops (including Aurora) love to see your lovely donations. By donating your unwanted and unloved fashion items, we can continue to keep the slow fashion cycle going. If you happen to be in the Cork area, we would love to see you at Aurora, have a pop in and see if anything catches your eye... we can’t promise you will leave empty-handed! If you’re elsewhere in the world, make sure to check out your local charity shops, the organisation will appreciate the support and you are one step closer to unleashing your inner Greta Thunberg! 


Tip #3: Familiarise yourself with Sustainable Materials  

If you’re like us, we often forget to take notice of the labels on our clothes, but these are actually super important. It's essential to know what your clothes are made of so you can accurately assess how harmful they are to the environment. Check up on your material knowledge here


Tip #4: Share and Swap Clothes with Friends  

Heading out this weekend and need a new outfit? Why not have a browse in your friend's wardrobe for something to wear? Swapping and sharing clothes with friends is a great idea if you are on the hunt for ways to keep your style fresh and your carbon footprint low. Not to mention this way of “shopping” is also less harmful to your pocket, what’s not to love!?  


Tip #5: Research your Favourite Brands 

It may be upsetting to discover how harmful some popular brands are to the environment, particularly those who engage in ultra-fast fashion. It is always a good idea to do some background research into the brand you are buying from to ensure they use sustainable materials, have legal and safe working conditions and do their bit to help slow down fashion production. Check out these brands that are against fast fashion and are working hard to change the future of fashion. 


And there we have it...5 easy tips for shopping for sustainable fashion. We hope this blog will aid you in your eco-boss journey, and don’t forget to visit us at Aurora the next time you fancy a shopping spree. We are open Monday to Saturday and look forward to seeing you soon (hopefully in some second-hand jeans 😉)